We currently have four adult breeding cats:

Roxy, Bean, Rumble and Maple

Rumble and Maple's profiles will be added soon.

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Cedarwood KV Love Rox of Goofyfoot

fawn female


PKdef and PRA free lines

Roxy is a sweet, gentle girl with a quiet meow. She is very enthusiastic about playing with string or wand toys, fetching them back when they are thrown. She is also fascinated by reflected lights moving across the walls, they never fail to put her into her "hunting" mode. She is very intelligent and has learned how to open drawers and cabinets, and doors if they are not clicked shut. Roxy's lines are personally special to us because her mother is the full sister of our first abyssinian, Zilbinho, who we loved very much.


Crystalpaws Cocoa Bean

chocolate male, carries cinnamon


PKdef and PRA free lines

Bean is a cuddly boy who loves snuggles. He enjoys purring in a lap, unless Roxy is around, then he follows her everywhere if he can. He also loves playing with wand toys and string, and will run off with the toys he catches and keep them in a tightly clenched mouth, until another toy is waved in front of him (we usually have to play with two or three toys with him in a rotation, or our play sessions would be very short!). He has small eartufts on the tips of his ears, and his yellow-green eyes look so nice against his fur color: chocolate ticked! We are very proud of having a rare chocolate abyssinian here from Crystalpaws cattery in England, and we hope he will be a good addition to the small chocolate gene pool.

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